A dream come true!

This has been an astonishing journey…

  • from first hearing about Christine’s book four or five years ago (and foolishly offering to give it a quick look over if ever she wanted me to)
  • to Abbie giving me a tiny memory stick containing all Christine’s words and pictures on it, efficiently organised and typed up
  • to the evening of Saturday 11 November (the Book Launch Party – and, oh, what a night that was!).

But it didn’t stop there. We sold over 200 copies on launch night alone and sales continued in a healthy manner right through to Christmas. It will surely be very quiet afterwards, we thought to ourselves. Probably won’t sell any more until Easter or maybe even the summer.

How wrong we were. Requests for ‘more books, please’ have been pinging in each week since Christmas as word gets around. People are reading the book and are telling their friends and buying more copies.

People have also been contacting Christine to tell her of their own memories stimulated by the book, sending in photos and more anecdotes.

So don’t leave it too long if you think you may want more. We still have plenty at the moment but there isn’t an endless supply of books. The piles in our spare rooms have been shrinking at an alarming rate.