Christine Brennan – author of METFIELD Tales from a Suffolk Village 1928–2017

By now, there won’t be many residents of Metfield who don’t know about Christine’s passion for preserving Metfield’s history and her recently published book.

BUT, did you know she’s also a bit of an artist on the quiet? Definitely a woman with hidden talents! Here’s her rendering of Squire’s when it was still a shop. Do let us have your memories and photographs to add to the archive.



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Christine Brennan (née Ralph) was born and raised on Metfield common in one of the converted precast concrete huts which had served as living quarters for USAAF personnel during the Second World War. She has lived and worked in the village for most of her life.

Christine’s passion is to preserve the history of her childhood village and she spent six years collating her memories and those of family members, friends and others, to produce this collection of fascinating stories and facts about life in Metfield from 1928 onwards, adding some more recent updates to bring us up to 2017.

Memory can play tricks as time passes and different people remember things in different ways. So, with help from granddaughter Abbie, Christine spent a considerable amount of time researching wartime archives and local history resources in an attempt to achieve as much accuracy as possible. No doubt influenced by her grandmother’s enthusiasm, Abbie developed a similar strong interest in local history through her involvement with the book and has been involved with an oral history project.

Christine still lives in Metfield with her childhood sweetheart, husband David.

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