Welcome to Metfield Books

METFIELD Tales From a Suffolk Village 1928–2017

Metfield Books was set up to help Metfield resident Christine Brennan publish the book she had been working on for over six years. Three local publishing professionals volunteered their time to move the project forward and ensure that the book got published. They worked with Christine for a whole year. That’s how it started and – with over 600 books sold so far – there’s no knowing how it might finish!

Funding was obtained from local organisations and individuals to help with the print costs. We learned a lot as we went along. A book launch party was arranged and over 200 people turned up to buy their copies of the book and get them signed by the author. A fantastic evening was had by all.

Browse the pages of this website to see all about the book, how and where to buy it, new material added by readers, our photo archive, testimonials and more.

The original Metfield Books
Sometime after setting up the website and promoting the book under what we believed to be our new imprint – Metfield Books – it was brought to our notice that there is another publishing umbrella called Metfield Books which had been operating since 2011. To find out more, click here.

Profits from Christine’s book
Christine was adamant from the beginning that she would take no money for herself from book sales but wanted the village and villagers to benefit. This enabled us to price the book very reasonably at £10 a copy.

It was also agreed at the beginning of the project that if there were ever any profits from Christine’s book, she would like them to support other local projects that might further our knowledge and memories of Metfield’s history.

Submit your ideas for future projects
We have already started giving a few copies of the book to local schools and these have been well received. If you work at a local school and would like to have some copies for your library or a school project, or are a local individual with an idea you’d like to discuss with us, do get in touch via the contact form below.
Some of the ideas we’ve had so far are:

  • Publishing a small supplement to Christine’s book, to include more photos, information and anecdotes received from readers
  • Supporting appropriate local school history projects
  • Publishing leaflet histories of village houses and buildings
  • Supporting other relevant projects that might come to mind

Please apply below and give a brief description of your idea and how far it has already been progressed. All suggestions will be considered. It should be stressed that we are not necessarily offering to do all the work for you but to support you with advice and a perhaps a financial contribution.