Talk about a dramatic February!

Snow storms, impassable roads, cancelled trains, people unable to get home, shops running out of vital supplies, deaths caused by extreme temperatures and weather conditions… it’s a few years since we’ve heard stories like those, thank goodness.

Early February gave us a sprinkling of the white stuff. But mid February brought Storm Emma and the Beast from the East and they clashed and fought in the skies above wreaking havoc over huge swathes of the country. Norfolk and Suffolk didn’t escape and many of you will have your own snow and ice stories to tell. AND WE’D LIKE TO HEAR THEM PLEASE!

Thanks must go to all those who looked after neighbours and elderly people, helped distribute food and drink to those caught for hours in traffic jams in the snow, those who bravely went off to get supplies for their village shop, who dug paths, swept pavements, farmers who cleared roads and pulled vehicles out of ditches. The stories of how folk rushed to help abound and are uplifting at a time of such tremendous political chaos and uncertainty. People pulled together and worked together. An example for our politicians perhaps?

And talking of politicians… I hope they took note of how many public service workers gave 110% at work (sometimes at great personal inconvenience) by staying overnight at their place of work in hospitals and at police stations to ensure those in distress got the help they needed, to say nothing of the charities and food banks etc.

Feel free to comment or add your own stories and photographs to this blog.