I’ve gone and written a book! (Part 2)

Continuing the story of how Christine came to write the book…

One day, I bought myself a lined foolscap book and I began to write the stories out in longhand. It was so hard, my mind jumped from one thing to another and I couldn’t seem to get the order of things quite right. I began with my mum Elsie’s childhood and then I couldn’t get the words out fast enough. It was all jumbled up and I scribbled so many notes all over it that I had to buy another foolscap book and start over again. I did this six times before I was anywhere near happy with what I’d written.

My granddaughter Abigail typed it up, reordering as she went. Suddenly, it was beginning to look like a book. People generously gave me their old photos and stories and as Abigail and I researched online to check the facts, we found more fascinating old photos.

But I knew nothing about publishing a book. Chatting to people in the village brought me help from three Metfield professionals who volunteered to design, typeset, edit and digitally enhance the photographs. Not only that, one of them also fundraised to pay for the print and has organised a Launch Party. I couldn’t believe my luck and they couldn’t believe what they’d let themselves in for!

Nearly a year later, my book is going to be published on 11 November under the imprint of Metfield Books and we are having a party to celebrate. I never wanted to make any money from this project, I just wanted to preserve some valuable local history for future generations. But I’m so excited to think that something I have done will appear in print.

And, if I can do it, I reckon just about anyone can!